It's World Breastfeeding Week


My breastfeeding experience was filled with ups and many downs.  I had delayed production of milk, fortunately the hospital provided a lactation nurse.

She helped me with finding comfortable positions to breastfeed, the proper way to massage my breasts, the importance of drinking water and eating healthy. While working on massaging my breasts and finding comfortable positions for Lena and I to breastfeed, I started to feel like my nipples were on fire. When i brought this to the pediatrician, she assessed Lena, she informed us that Lena wasn’t latching on well due to a lip tongue.

Later, we discovered that Lena had a lip and tongue tie.

Soon after, I continued to massage my breasts, drink water, and eat hospital food however, my milk production did not increase.

Literally, I had no milk when we were discharged from the hospital.

At this time, a few days passed with no milk after massaging, pumping, bath soaks, drinking water and eating healthy meals. I was too exhausted to get up to go see a lactation nurse, Lena was constantly crying, I was just feeling like my colostrum wasn’t enough to soothe and fill up my baby’s tummy.

So, one night, my mother recommended formula after she saw the hurt and disappointment in my eyes.

After an argument with my mom, I gave in.

I gave Lena formula which calmed her down and she peacefully fell asleep.

In my attempts to successfully breastfeed, I celebrate this week.

Ebony Brown