In May 2018,

Ebony Brown, the founder of The Lena Rose Box, found herself a little lost while preparing for her first child, which was a little surprising. With a degree in Health and over 10 years of experience working in healthcare, she quickly realized how confusing things can get being in the midst of fluctuating hormones and trying to articulate her wants and needs to her partner. At times, the vague conversations with the physicians, so many unanswered questions, or just maybe not asking the right questions, things needed to be simpler. 

After Lena was born, she knew postpartum was going to be challenging, however, she didn’t know that it would bring a rush of anxiety to DO IT ALL! She barely rest, stressed, became particular in how she wanted to care for her newborn.  She felt alone in the midst of her feelings because no one could understand her anxiety since there were loved ones around to help.

Ebony knew she wasn’t the only mother going through this.

She decided to create a platform to provide a service where expecting moms will receive self-care products to assist along the journey of pregnancy every month, share vital health information, most importantly let expecting mothers know you are not alone, there’s a tribe behind you who have gone through this and conquered.

The Lena Rose Box is for you! It is for us!